Ram and Panther 'Come Together' in 2008 ~   We are 'Reunited' in 2013 ~   Where will we be in 2018?
Ram and Panther "Come Together" in 2008 ~ We are "Reunited" in 2013 ~ Where will we be in 2018?

Welcome to the Official Website for the 50th Class Reunion A joint event of the 1968 Classes of Central Dauphin and Central Dauphin East High Schools.


Start making your plans for  our

Big 50th Year Reunion events

coming September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2018! 

This official website is the place to be!  We can post photos, leave messages for classmates, share information... 

Check out our Album page for all the latest photos from our 45th Reunion, and share your notes and messages in the guest book!  

Post your photos from the Reunion on this website, which will continue to be available, so don't go away after the event!  

Quote for our upcoming 50th year reunion!

"After 50 years we still look great

~ we're the Class of '68!!"


Our Theme 
Those Were The Days 



Five years have passed since we pulled off the ultimate Reunion

a joint party of CD and CDEast graduates of 1968. 

Over 200 classmates and guests filled the Legion ballroom with joy and laughter, stories and memories.  This year we "Reunited" for the 45th Reunion, with a crowd eager to party!  


Go to the Photo Album section to view four (4) albums of photos documenting the action!  Look for the people you haven't seen forever, the one that got away, the old friends you need to look up again.  Post comments and sign the Guest Book, and  let us know how to reach you if you've relocated. 


On behalf of your Reunion Committee  -

Thanks to all our fabulous classmates who make this 
event happen!    


East - Sherry Doyle Hanshaw, Pete Haines, Candy LaRue, Sandie Fouse Bartholomeo, John Nikoloff, Diane Bostdorf Gotshall, Sue Fink DeHart, Jan Briar Ulerick, Tom Kormushoff, Charles Schulz, Bill Fesus, Sue Harris Bricker, Karen Arnold Stover, Gary Stover, Jeff Sheaffer, Nedra Herbert Miller,  and Robert Strawser


CD - Karen Eckels Fleisher, Joan Osler Conley, Pam Ehrenzeller Smith, Betsy Long Wech, Nancy Smith Bell, Trudy Hollenbach Yeager, Jo Hughes Boltz, Carol Bell Garber, Ken Freeland, Barb Helman Derk, Bill Horvath and Gary Shellehamer



Top 10 Reasons NOT to Miss Our Big Event
the 50th Joint Class Reunion!

#1.  You'll laugh, cry, reminisce with people you haven't seen in Years!

#2.  You don't have to lie about your age.

#3.  An opportunity to Rekindle or begin new relationships.

#4.   A reason to diet and shape up!

#5.  Find out what happened to that girl or guy from LP, East JR, or Swatara days . 

#6.  Give the reunion committee a thrill, since they have worked so hard to plan the event.

#7.   Give another long lost classmate a thrill by coming to your first reunion.

#8.  Dance, dance, dance...for the first time in years!?

#9.  Come "home" for a visit.

#10.   Take a chance, look back without regret, share the memories.  
Reunion Quiz
What are you most aspiring to in your life

Retirement and all it's glory
A lasting legacy of a life well-lived!
Making a difference through volunteerism
Winters in a warm climate
Reunion Poll
For our 55 Year Reunion would you be interested in a Banquet or an Outdoor Picnic?

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